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You Have The Power To Choose Your Results

You Have The Power To Choose Your Results

by Sian Yewdall

December 10, 2018


You Have The Power To Choose Your Results

by Sian Yewdall

December 10, 2018

You Have The Power To Choose Your Results

Starting a biz as a Mum can feel like walking in strong headwinds. It’s no piece of cake and that’s the absolute truth. So how do you keep on pushing? How do you get through those massive headwinds in that first year of biz? Well … it all comes down to you and ultimately, the choices you make for yourself. 

Because you have the power to choose. 

And, whilst you already know you have this power to choose … the reality is that most of the decisions we make are actually done unconsciously. Choices around how we see things, what we make a situation mean, what we do, or don’t do, how we respond emotionally, etc. 

And, it’s actually these unconscious decisions that are most likely to affect our results in life and business. 

So, let me help make this clearer for you. 

As a mum in biz who’s starting out, you’re likely juggling A LOT and you’re probably pretty time poor.  Now, which of the following do you find yourself doing most often?  

A. Blaming your circumstances for not being as effective as you might like in your start up? (Workload, kids, lack of support.)

B. Procrastinating.

C. Going into overwhelm.

D. Focusing on finding a way to be more efficient and make the juggle work.

What I want you to understand is that every single one of these options is a choice, but for most people, A-C as a choice happens unconsciously; it’s only D that happens from a place of conscious awareness. 

So, if you really want to nail it in life and biz and manage your way through the chaos, then you need to start exercising your choices more consciously, which means growing in your awareness around your power to influence your results. 

So, how do you do this for yourself when you’re just starting out? 

Below are five steps that you can implement right now to start embracing this concept of choice. 

1) Recognise that you’re making choices all the time. 

As hard as it is to slow down with all you’ve got going on – it really is worth trying to stop for a moment and to take stock of where you’re at currently and how you got there. 

E.g. Perhaps your start-up is just not getting the traction you’d imagined it would and as a result, you’re feeling some self-doubt creeping in? Well, like it or not, I want you to start to recognise that each of these behaviours is actually a choice you’re making. 

2) Own the choices you’re making whether they’re good or bad. 

It’s one thing to recognise you’re making choices – however, it’s another to actually own them. Trust me when you start to own the bad decisions, you’re far less likely to stay with them, or keep making them. 

E.g. Have you been avoiding doing something in your business, like making some important sales calls or chasing business? Own the fact you’re avoiding it and own the fact that in doing so, you’re actively choosing not to function properly in your business. It’s far more painful to keep doing something when you know you’re only sabotaging yourself. 

3) Appreciate that each choice you make has implications – and a knock-on effect. 

Now, let’s go one step further, continuing with the same example above – let’s start to think about the long-term consequences of you avoiding those sales calls and what it will mean for your start-up business. 

It’ll hamper your ability to: 

  1. Make money 
  2. Create relationships  
  3. Develop your business 
  4. Set targets / forecast 

And more importantly, it’ll impact your ability to grow your business long-term. Essentially, then we really could say that your behaviour means on some level you’re actively choosing not to be successful. #Ouch 

4) Continually check in and ask yourself the following question:  


To help add some real weight to this question – I suggest you get very clear on your long-term vision. Get clear on where you want your business to be in five years’ time, and more importantly, what this success will mean for your family. Connecting with your vision emotionally will help drive you through the tough times and will help you refocus. 

5) Make your success a choice. 

If you haven’t realised it already, success is ultimately a choice. 

You won’t get there wishing and hoping for it, it’s a conscious decision you make and something you have to continually honour. 

So, it’s pretty simple – consciously choose it and hold yourself accountable – because, it really is all on you. 

Everything we do is a choice, from the simplest actions right down to the life changing ones. 

So, ladies you have the gift, of course, now it’s up to you whether you choose to use it. I know you will. 


Guest Contribution Written by Anna and Flori of Business School For Mums. 

The article was first published in Issue Two of Woman Rising, available here.

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